Japan, Japan, it’s all about Japan!

Every now and then – I head to Japan to visit family, friends and some other bunch of people 🙂 This year I had the chance to leave for mor than a month and gladly I travelled a lot!

At first, I travelled to Shikoku, visited marvelous cities like Kochi, Shimanto and the beaches and continued to Naruto. Last days of this trip had been Nao-Shima (yes – pun intended!) and Kurashiki.

Last but not least a friend and I travelled from Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto) to Kanazawa, proceeded to Kanto (Tokyo & Kamakura) and ended up again in Kansai at Nara.

Couple of days with my family – and I left again for Europe! 🙂


check – first oldtimer!

I got my first oldtimer, a soviet styled moped made in 1976 in the German Democratic Republic previously owned by a friend. A Schwalbe KR51/1 model K; K for Komfort // comfort.

3.5 bhp, 65 km/h max, nearly no torque, barely no sound absorbers and a lot of good vibrations.

Biggest issue – it was parked in Essen, 480 km from Reutlingen. But beeing well known as a no-brainer I tried to ride it to Reutlingen. But 80 kilometers upfront the cylinder broke. Bad luck, but got the full winter for repairs. Let’s see!

Glashütte – the watch makers valley

By incidence and interest I joined the student trip to Glashuette – the mekkah or valley of the watchmakers. Thankfully we had a Hotel in Dresden and could dip into some culture as well!

Glashütte on the major powerpoint and webslides looks like an Heidi-Village of watchmakers. But in the end its like every where in the world – SMUs and the big ones fighting for the best employees and legal support to maintain the 50% value creation within their products to perceive the name “Glashütte” within their brand.

Finally we had the chance to visit NOMOS the upcoming star, Glashütte Original the swatch owned enterprise and Nautische Instrumente Mühle Glashütte who is still in family property.

Anyhow its definetly interesting to see those magnificent and tiny semi-finished products on which a caliber is based on. Swiss milling in perfection!